Who should I see, an Osteopath or a Physiotherapist?

This is a frequently asked question here at the Practice. To answer this one needs to understand the two practitioners.

Mark trained 30 years ago as an osteopath and learnt many of his manual therapy skills at the British School of Osteopathy. Fifteen years though, teaching to and learning from physiotherapists, has dramatically changed his style of practice. An osteopath with physiotherapy skills as well.

Laura trained at Southampton as a physiotherapist. Her Masters Degree taught her osteopathic principles and manual therapy skills. The last three years working together has seen these assets enhanced considerably. A physiotherapist with accompanying osteopathic and manual therapy skills.

We both passionately believe in assessing all of your biomechanics. We look to assess which functional aspects of your musculo-skeletal picture can be changed and, as importantly, those that aren’t amenable to change. We are both very realistic practitioners. If we do not believe we can help we will say so immediately. In the last six months of 2015 we declined to treat 10% of all new patients. These patients weren’t suitable for treatment at the practice for a number of different reasons. The explanation for not undertaking a course of treatment will always be discussed and the therapist will ensure that an appropriate referral is organised directly after the consultation.

Our core values, skills and beliefs are the same. The majority of the patients could see either Mark or Laura. If the treatment requires a more advanced manual therapy basis then a patient will be steered towards Mark. If the patient requires a functional approach, perhaps rehabilitatory, then Laura with her advanced Pilates skills would be ideally suited as the appropriate therapist.

When we plan your treatment regime and goals it is not unusual to combine both practitioners, sometimes together! Likewise you may start with one practitioner and finish with another as part of your treatment plan. Both Laura and Mark want only what is best for the patient. Mark, Laura and you will make these decisions together.

The answer to the question then is that for most cases you can see either practitioner.

If you have any doubt just ring the Practice and ask to speak to either Laura or Mark for more detailed answers to your specific questions.
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