Your Initial Consultation

What should I bring?

Please can you bring a list of your current medications, or the medication itself. This will help us in assessing your overall condition and ensures that we have learnt everything about your general health.

Please can you bring a bullet pointed timeline of relevant dates that relate to your problem. This could include dates of operations, consultants seen, dates of accidents, and anything that will help produce an accurate timeline. If the history is particularly lengthy or complicated, family and partners may be able to help with recollection. Many years of experience have shown that where patients have engaged in this process they find the case history taking a simpler and more rewarding experience.   Please bring short/t-shirt/vest top with you.

What to expect on your initial consultation.

On arrival you will be required to fill in a confidentiality/consent form. You will also be given a document concerning current evidence of the adverse effects of treatment to read. Please arrive a few minutes early in order to complete this brief amount of paperwork.

On this first visit the therapist will take a detailed case history including a full medical history. Then, depending on the location of the problem the therapist will usually want to make a full examination of the spine or the painful region.

Please note that the case history taking and examination will normally take up approximately half of the time on the first visit and the remaining 30 minutes will be devoted to treatment.

At the end of the first consultation/examination a detailed explanation of the diagnosis and proposed treatment will be given to you. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about anything that you do not understand about the proposed treatment.

You are welcome to bring a friend or relative with you into the treatment room if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Will I be sore after treatment?

After treatment it is not unusual to feel uncomfortable/sore, however any reaction should settle within 48 hours. If you are concerned in any way please contact the practice.

What should I wear?

Whilst it is extremely important that we conduct a thorough examination the necessity for maintaining the patient’s modesty is paramount. We wish you to be comfortable during the entire process. We normally recommend that you wear vest tops, t-shirts and/or shorts depending on the area to be examined. Shorts can be provided on the initial consultation if it is appropriate.


Initial consultation and treatment is £55.00. This lasts 45-60 minutes and the therapist will take a case history and also treat during this session. Subsequent sessions cost £45.00 and these last for 30 minutes.  Failure to give 24 hours notice of cancellation may result in a fee being charged.

The practitioners have decided to no longer be BUPA and AXA PPP registered.
We are registered with most of the other insurance companies.
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